StoryDome is an interactive storybook and display that depicts the fairytale of The Three Little Pigs. StoryDome takes a MadLibs-style approach to storytelling, allowing visitors to construct new narratives. Designed to exist in spaces where people would mill about, it’s meant to promote creativity and elicit delight.
Contributions: ideation, narrative design, illustrations, book
Duration: 2 months
Team: Xinyi Du, Taylor Stillman
The conceptualizing for StoryDome first started with exercises exploring interactions and contexts for interactions. We eventually settled on the idea of providing users an opportunity to create a narrative experience during an intermission.
We narrowed the story options to variations of The Three Little Pigs, something that would be short and familiar while still allowing for deviations from the traditional tale. The inspiration for the projected animations was inspired by silhouette animations and shadow puppets, while the book illustrations took inspiration from children's books. Having two styles was chosen in part to create a sense of surprise when the animations were triggered, hinting at the content but not revealing too much of what the user will see.
The story starts with a flip of a page. Through projected animations, visitors are guided to make changes to the story by pressing buttons within the book. Flipping through the pages progresses them further into the story.
When a page is turned, the RFID reader mounted on the spine of the book reads the tag that’s attached to that page. Each tag is associated with a part of the story and when a button is pressed to select a scenario, the animation associated that selection is triggered and projected from the inside of the dome.
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